Hello world!

We are living in a very exciting time. New technologies are invented every day, and although it’s hard to stay up-to-date with all the latest stuff, it’s also fun to discover tools and services that others have built, and how they can in-turn help you invent tools and services for others! 

Although I have been in the software industry since 1998, I feel “behind” sometimes. The funny thing is the more I learn, the more behind I feel. Such is the phenomenon that is the Internet, where information about everything is just a Google search away.

This blog will be a documentary of my journey through discovering and learning new technologies — mainly ones related to web and mobile development. My meager attempt to stay less behind. Once in a while, I’ll write about entrepreneurship and my thoughts on starting and running a startup, and building a product.

A bit about myself. I am the Co-Founder at Spotivate. Before that I held management and engineering roles at Telenav, SugarSync and Ingrian Networks (now Safenet).

You can reach me at jorge (at) jorgechang.com.

Thanks for reading!